HANSHIN Motors’ vehicle maintenance and service information.

Customer Service

HANSHIN Motors provides service to maintain optimized driving condition of HANSHIN product.

Technical transfer and training support

A/S methods

A/S methods
Operating items Operating methods

Spare parts supply

Basic vehicle information training

Initial defect care

Optimizing regarding operating route

Preventive maintenance

Maintenance technology support

Training in headquarter

Residing in route garage

Inspection by visiting

Repairing by visiting

* Summer, winter season: special support team operating and reside in route garage (Detailed condition need to be discussed)

Plenty spare parts are stocked in technical support center.

Warranty service support during warranty term (Detailed support range need to be discussed)

Optimization program support to reduce operation cost regarding operating route

Electric Bus A/S personnel(Manuals, practice, safety training)

Support for Self maintenance system setup, A/S labors reside in the operators’ garage during 12 months. [Period and condition is flexible regarding contract]

(Domestic technical support team, overseas technical support team, battery supplier and Technical support team are available)


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